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Series and Pilots

Scarecrow & Mrs. King
(Main Theme and Episodes)
Emmy Award for Original Composition
Various CBS/Warner Bros.
The Wizard
(Main Theme and Episodes)
Peter Hunt CBS/Fox
Bring 'Em Back Alive
(Main Theme and Episodes)
Various CBS/Columbia
The Simpsons Various Fox/James Brooks Exec. Prod.
Tiny Toon Adventures
("Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow"
and "Furrball Follies")
Various Fox/Amblin
Amazing Stories
("Remote Control Man")
Bob Clark Universal/Amblin
Sledge Hammer
Martha Coolidge ABC/New World

Specials and Documentaries

Shooting War Richard Schickel Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks
Eastwood on Eastwood and
Eastwood & Co: Making Unforgiven
Richard Schickel TNT/LORAC Prods.
Gary Cooper: American Life,
American Legend
Richard Schickel TNT/LORAC Prods./
Richard Schickel/Carol Rubinstein
Myrna Loy: So Nice To Come
Home To
Richard Schickel TNT/LORAC Prods./
Richard Schickel/Carol Rubinstein
Barbara Stanwick: Fire and Desire Richard Schickel TNT/LORAC Prods./
Richard Schickel/Carol Rubinstein
W.W.II - A GI Diary
Documentary Series
Various NBC/Time Life
Biography - Pocahontas:
Ambassador of the New World

Documentary Series
Monte Markham A & E/Perpetual Motion Films
The Great Ships: The Galleons
Documentary Series
Monte Markham The History Channel/
Perpetual Motion Films

Mini-Series and Features

The Last Debate John Badham Paramount Pictures/Showtime
The Princess Stallion Mark Haber Allumination
Floating Away John Badham Showtime/Producers Entertainment
Guts & Glory: Rise & Fall of Oliver North Mike Robe CBS/Papazian-Hirsch
Internal Affairs Michael Tuchner CBS/Titus Productions
Nightmare at Bittercreek Tim Burstall Trinity Home Ent
Doubletake Jud Taylor NBC/Titus Productions
Inherit the Wind David Greene NBC/Papazian-Hirsch Prod.
When No One Would Listen Armand Mastroianni CBS/Papazian/Hirsch Productions
Michelle Lee Exec. Prod.
Caught in the Act Deborah Reinisch USA/Katja Motion Pictures
Secrets Peter Hunt NBC/Douglas Cramer Prod.
Crazy from the Heart Thomas Schlamme TNT/DeMann/Papazian-Hirsch Prod.
In the Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story John Korty CBS/Papazian-Hirsch Productions
The Betty Ford Story David Greene Warner Bros./Mark M. Wolper Prod.
Unconquered Dick Lowry CBS/Dick Lowry Prod.
Once Upon a Texas Train Burt Kennedy CBS/Papazian-Hirsch Productions
Murder Times Seven Jud Taylor CBS/Titus Prods./Thomas DeWolfe Prod.
Fatal Friendship Bradford May NBC/Papazian-Hirsch Productions
Doing Life Gene Reynolds NBC/Phoenix Entertainment
The Heist Stuarte Orme HBO/Rick Rosenberg Prod.
Baywatch (2hr. pilot) Richard Compton NBC/GTG Entertainment
Skeezer Peter Hunt CBS/Marble Arch Productions
Man In The Brown Suit Harvey Hart ABC/Warner Bros./Allan Shayne Prod.
Where the Hell's That Gold?!!?
The Parade Peter Hunt CBS/Hill-Mandelker Prod.
The Hollywood Detective Kevin Conner USA/Papazian-Hirsch Productions
The Seagull Nikos Psacharopolous PBS/Theater in America
The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd John Desmond, Arvin Brown Broadway Theatre Archive/Kultur
You Can't Take It With You Paul Bogart CBS/Warner Bros./Lindsay Law Prod.
Aunt Mary Peter Werner NBC/Hallmark Hall of Fame
Harvey Fielder Cook NBC/Hallmark Hall of Fame
Look Homeward Angel Paul Bogart CBS/Hallmark Hall of Fame
The Price Fielder Cook NBC/Hallmark Hall of Fame
Fame (by Arthur Miller) Jay Sandrich NBC/Hallmark Hall of Fame

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