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Bruegel-Dance Visions (score)
tuba & chamber ensemble

Available on CD -
Jim Self performs
Bruegel-Dance Visions

The Tell-Tale Heart (2011)
A symphonic work for reader and large orchestra. This piece envelops the entire Edgar Allen Poe masterpiece within a neo-gothic film score-like setting. This work was premiered October 30, 2011 at the Greek Theatre for its “EEK! At The Greek” Halloween concert by Symphony In The Glen. (17:00)

Dies Eerie-Variations on an Unlikeable Tune (2010)
Using the Gregorian Chant, Dies Irae, this work for large orchestra turns “The Day of Wrath” into a whimsical Halloween excursion in fright. This work was premiered October 30, 2011 at the Greek Theatre for its “EEK! At The Greek” Halloween concert by Symphony In The Glen. (8:00)

Defcon 2 (2011)
Scored for wind-band with harp, the composer has taken the Main Title music from his score for WarGames and turned it into a sprightly, muscular concert march. (3:00) (Grade 6)

Canticles for a Christmastide (2010)
A cantata for mixed chorus, soloists, brass, percussion, keyboards and harp.
Text by John Kuntz

Observations (2009)
A tone-poem to the cosmos, celebrating the debut of Cosmic Conjunction, the Griffith Park Observatory’s new program linking astronomy and art.
Text by Dr. Edwin C. Krupp, narrated by Leonard Nimoy
Premier - October 2009
Intrada Records
iTunes, Amazon

Demon Cello (2007)
A fantasy for solo cello, brass, percussion, harp & keyboard (11:00)
Premier - TBA

Le Grand-parent et le Tout Petit (The Grandparent and the Toddler) (2007)
A ballet suite for chamber orchestra (8:00)
Premier - September 2007

Phantom Fairground (2006)
An orchestral tone poem (8:00)
Premier - October 2006

DreamCycle (2003)
A two-movement duo-concerto for solo violin & soprano saxophone with strings and percussion. (19:00)
Premier - June 2003

DreamCycle (windband version)
Soloists same as above, with winds, brass and percussion. (19:00)

MetroMorphosis (2001)
A three-movement orchestral suite depicting the evolution of Los Angeles from desert to teeming metropolis. (17:00)
Premier - June 2001

Windband version (17:00)

Breugel-Dance Visions (1992)
A four-movement suite for solo tuba with viola, cello, bass, harp percussion & synthesizer based on the paintings of Breugel:
     1. The Misanthrope
     2. Children's Games
     3. Land of Cockaigne
     4. Struggle Between Carnival and Lent (14:00)
Premier - May 1992
Summit Records - DCD-132

Breugel-Dance Visions (Chamber orchestra version)
Same as above, with full strings

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Listen to a live Griffith Park performance of MetroMorphosis: Movement 3
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