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Lecture Information
Phone: (323) 644-5600
Fax: (323) 644-8208

Arthur B. Rubinstein
Lecture Series
4655 Kingswell Ave. #209
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Lecture Series

Mr. Rubinstein has prepared a unique and diverting series of talks dealing with the world of classical music, seen from the eyes of a composer/conductor. Both audio and visual examples are used in these highly entertaining and informative talks. Audience participation is always encouraged.

• A look at the history and mystique of The Maestro, and the changing function of the conductor, from the 18th century to the present.

• An in-depth look at how the political landscape of the 20th century altered the Maestro's relationship in the society at large. Special emphasis is given to Wilhelm Furtwangler and Leonard Bernstein. Maestro Rubinstein concludes by relating his own experiences in modern-day Los Angeles.

• From Esterhazy to Napoleon, from the Queen of Prussia to Josef Stalin, people in power have been responsible for the creation of music by the masters. The Prince and the Piper looks at some of the great music makers and the patrons whose whims they served.

• Every symphony orchestra in America faces the perennial problem of programming. Orchestra leaderships have crumbled over this issue. On the one hand, the conductor seeks to break new ground, while on the other, the audiences which support the orchestra seem to demand the safe havens of Beethoven, Brahms, and Tschaikovsky. Maestro Rubinstein offers his own unique views on the subject of programming as well as an analysis of the new demographics of classical music audiences.

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